Banggood M35 HSS-CO Cobalt Two Stage Step Drill Bit M3-M12 Screw Counterbore Twist Countersink Drill For Stainless Drilling And C

Spécification:NomIndustrial Two Step DrillMatérielM35 HSS CobaltAngle90/180 DegreeQuantité1pcTailleOD (Hole Diameter)M3: OD (3.4X6.5)M4: OD (4.5X8)M5: OD (5.5X9.5)M6: OD (6.6X11)M8: OD (9X14)M10: OD (11X17.5)M12: OD(14X20)TailleSmall flute(mm)Small flute length(mm)Large flute(mm)Slot length(mm)Longueur totale(mm)Diamètre de tige(mm)M33.4136.535656.5M44.5188.042758.0M55.5229.550859.5M66.625115310011M89.028145810012M10113017.56311012M121432206811512Fonctionnalité:- M35 cobalt-containing drill body improves the high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance of the drill bit,drilling hole fast.- Fully ground spiral cutting edge design, high-precision spiral chip flute design,Removed chip fast.- Double angle arrière de 135 degrés, perceuse pointue, positionnement précis, pas de déviation.- Universal round handle, not easy to slip, firm and durable.- The counterbore is processed at one time.- Compatible equipment: machining center, bench drill, etc.Package Included: (Model and angle optional)1x Industrial Two Step Drill

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